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Hot Stuff

Modern Signature Sounds Of Kygo

Drum production Suite


  • 32 Kick Drums
  • 53 Snares
  • 14 Claps
  • 13 Snaps
  • 37 Percussions
  • 15 Drum Fills
  • 10 Crashes
  • 25 Downsweeps
  • 17 Risers
  • 14 Impacts & Subdrops
  • 24 Transition Cymbals & Swooshes
  • 49 Atmospheric Sounds


  • 28 Percussion Loops
  • 27 Hi-Hat Loops
  • 15 Electric Drop Fillers
  • 9 Vocal Drop Fillers
  • 8 Pluck Drop Fillers
  • 11 Bonus Drop Fillers
  • 14 Atmospheric Loops

Drum Kits

  • Disco Dance Kit – Lonely Together
  • Donna Kit – Hot Stuff
  • Fever Kit – Fever
  • Joe Kit – Dancing Feet
  • Retro Kit – Blinding Lights
  • Ryan Kit – Lose Somebody
  • Sasha Kit – I’ll Wait
  • Thrill Kit – Thrill Of The Chase
  • Tine Kit – What’s Love Got To Do…
  • Zoe Kit – Love Me Now


Sample & Loop Collection

Loop - Clean Electric
Loop - Funky
Loop - Tina's Tamb

Drop-Filler Loops

Before (without)
After (with)
Before (without)
After (with)
Before (without)
After (with)

Hit-Proven Drum Kits

I'll Wait (Drum Kit)
Lose Somebody (Drum Kit)
Dancing Feet (Drum Kit)

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Faul & Wad

Producer Duo from France

300M Streams

Luke Bergs

Austrian Tropical House Producer

30M Streams


French Chill-House Producer

10M Streams

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Starter Edition
99 Samples & Loops
47,00 €
Curated Selection Of Class-A Samples, Loops & FX
Tested in Real-World-Application
Radio-Friendly & Mix-Ready
Selection of Drop-Fillers & Atmos
Full Library
473 Samples & Loops
127,00 €
Full Selection Of Class-A Samples, Loops & FX
Tested in Real-World-Application
Radio-Friendly & Mix-Ready
Drop Enhancing Hi-Hat Loops
Drag & Drop-Ready Drum-Fills
Implementation Video-Masterclass (1h)
10 Hit-Proven Drum Kits
Innovative Rhythm Enhancing "Drop-Fillers"
New Dimensions Atmo Pack
Writers Block MIDI Pack
Kygo Bundle
Hot Stuff + TH Production Suite
177,00 €
235,00 €
Everything Included In Hot Stuff (127€ Value)
Everything Included In TH Production Suite (107€ VALUE)
Early & Modern Signature Sounds of Kygo
15 Remake Project Files
600 Samples & Loops
40+ Presets for Serum & Kontakt

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New Dimensions
Atmo Pack

Writer's Block

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Yes, all the Samples, Loops & MIDI Files are 100% royalty-free – so don’t worry about using them in your songs!

Hot Stuff Drum Production Suite entirely consists of Audio Files (.wav) & MIDI Files.

This means, it works with any DAW – even with DAWs for Mobile Phones/Tablets!

Unlike other sample pack companies we do not throw a million samples at you, trying to make it look like you are getting more (spoiler: you don’t)

Hot Stuff was developed with a specific focus on high usability as well as extremely strict quality control to make sure every sound is of “diamond” quality.

Originally Hot Stuff had nearly twice the size but we tested everything in real world application (songs) to make sure there are no fillers – and kicked everything out that didn’t deserve it’s place in there.

A lot of sound-designers create sounds in isolation which often leads to unnatural sounding samples that don’t work in context of music. We create our samples & loops inside fully mixed & mastered songs to make sure they work in context of a song.

The total amount of included samples in Hot Stuff Full Library is 473.

Starter is a more affordable Version of Hot Stuff with a reduced Sample Content.

With Starter we want to give you a chance to access the quality of Hot Stuff without having the high cost of the full pack.

We want to mention however:

When you decide to go with the Full Library you pay twice as much but you get 4 times as many Samples & Loops which gives you an exponential benefit over Hot Stuff Starter.

Please Note: Hot Stuff Starter does not include any of the Bonuses.

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