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Sound Selection Masterclass
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No. B.S. In-Depth 90min Masterclass
Step-by-step Implementation Checklist
Get Pro-Mixes Without Fancy Plug-Ins

Frequently Asked Questions...

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Please note that certain Payment-Methods require a specific Web-Browser to be seen in the Checkout-Window.

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You do not need any specific Plug-Ins or DAW to follow along.

SELECTOR is a Sound-Selection Masterclass – this means it’s all about selecting the right sounds from the beginning, and not about making sounds fit with complicated processing techniques.

We are going to use some Plug-Ins (such as Oscilloscope, Vectorscope and Frequency Analyzer) to visualize certain Sound-Characteristics more easily.

None of these are required to follow along. And no matter what DAW you use – you will understand everything explained in SELECTOR easily.

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